School Health
School Health
The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital
Mission: Support the school health programs, help all school age children grow up physically and mentally healthy and have opportunity to reach their highest potential. Illinois School Health
School/Sport Physical Exam
  School Forms
  Child Health Exam Form
IL Sport Pre-Participation Form
IL School Dental Exam Form
IL School Eye Exam Report
Food Allergy Emergency Plan
Asthma Action Plan
Medication Administration
  Anemia Screen; TB Screen
Hearing Screen; Vision Screen
Lead Screen
IL Lead Questionnaire; Lead High Risk Zip Codes
  Vaccination 2014; Teen Vaccination;
Flu Vaccination
; Pertussis vaccination
Emergency Preparedness Plan
  Emergency Phone Numbers
  911- For Emergency
1.800.222.1222 - Poison Center
Child's Physician Contact Number

Child's Dentist Contact Number
  Medical Emergency
  Needs emergency medical treatment? AAP
How and when to call 911? AAP
Injuries & Emergencies A-Z AAP
Allergy Reaction AAP
Dental Emergencies AAP
  Family Emergency Preparedness Plan
Academic Success in Schools
  Elementary/Middle School
  CDC: School Readiness;
1st- 2nd Grade
; Penmanship Training
AAP: Preschool 3-5y
AAP: Grade school 5-12 yes
  High School
  How to Succeed in High School
Planning Calendar, College Application, Future & Career,

Vocational Schools;
U.S.Jobs & Wage
AAP: Teen 12-18y-School
AAP: Young Adult 18-21 yrs
  Music, Fine Art, Sports
  Underachievement/ Special Aid
Health Issues in School
  Allergy and Asthma Management
  Allergy and Asthma; Tips for Asthma Management
Food Allergy; Food Allergy Emergency Plan
  Nutrition, Diabetes Prevention
Eating Disorders
  Medical Care
  Medicatios for Fever & Pain
Pink Eye (AAO); Pink Eye (CDC)
  Health Education
  AAP: Inclusionexclusion Health: School Exclusion
Safety, Bone Health, Sport Injury
  AAP:First-Aid; MedlinePlus:First Aid
  AAP-Safety; AAP: Safety-Birth to 10 Years Old
Car / Airplane; Winter_Safety
Teen Driving; Car Safety & Teen Driving
  Bone Health
  Sport Injury Prevention and Management
  Sport Safety (Comer Children's Hospital)
  Sport- Safety/ Head Injury
Behavior and Mental Health
  Mental Health
  DHS - Crisis Now, Mental health Serbices
School Bullying
  Risk Behavior
  Alcohollism & Addiction (DHS);
Alcohol & Substance

Quit Smoking
  STD Prevention and Testing
  STD Testing (DHS)
  Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Care
  Birth Control; Family Planning (DHS); Pregnancy & Parenting (DHS)
Maternal and Infant Health (
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