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Current Works            
Start Face Book in 09/2013           Post the website in Comer clinics in 09/2013
Develop web-pages for oral health.   Three projects (Music, Fine Art, and Future Doctors in America) are in developt with the collaboration of middle/high school students in Chicago and Maryland, and medical students at the University of Chicago and the University of Nebraska.   Explore the strategy to implement AAP guidelines effectively (with less or no paper works) in community pediatric medical homes through electronic medical record and online health education.   Will reach out to more communities in the USA, esp. in the rural areas and initiate a online medical home for preventive care in China.
Recent Updates            
Updated the websites into one-stop health information websites based on families' feedback.   Initiated Community schools' outreach in Ilinois

Updated the webpage based on the feedback from community pediatricians: Added information for mental health and school underachievement.

  Initiated a webpage for Community Pediatric Medical Homes and community outreach   Initiate community outreach through schools and pediatric medical homes.
2011: Initiated academic medical home based education websites in USA and in China providing links to AAP and other reliable websites and emphasizing preventive care and early intervention in an effort to improve continuity care and community outreach.
2010: Developed the web-pages of and Child_Mental_Health Center based on parents' feedback.
2009: Conducted a clinical survey and found parents prefered sources for influenza information were healthcare providers and online resources. The web page Seasonal and Swine Flu was initiated for informing parents about influenza risks, vaccine efficacy and safety during primary care visits in the pediatric medical home.
12/2008-: Published a book for toddlers in China 当当图书
02/2006: Initiated health education website in order to implement AAP guidelines to connect children and their families to reliable sources of health information.
12/2003: Initiated well-checkup-questionnaires for children from newborn to teen for implementing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) practice guidelines with the aim of enhancing the quality of preventive care and promoting early intervention.
08/2011: With collaboration from the developmental and behavioral specialist, primary pediatricians, parents, medical students, and high school students, we organized information accessible online, while supplementing it with information from the students’ current high schools. The web pages How to Succeed in high School initiated to emphasize academic success and career orientation.
08/2011: Opened webpage For Schools based on parents' preferences
Summer, 2011: Clinical Survey found parents of school aged children prefered school physical exam and school performance related health topics. The top resources of health information are their child's physician, online resources, other healthcare professionals, and their child's school.
04/2010: Online school health center initiative based on the suggestions from the parents who brought their children in for school physical exams.
2011: Initiated academic medical home based education websites in USA and in China in an effort to improve continuity care and community outreach.
2008-: Published a book for toddlers in China 当当图书
2006-2007: Collaborated with pediatricians, OB/Gyn physicians, graduate students, and medical students developing the health education project in China.


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