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AAP News & SmartBrief 01/2014 -02/14
Ultrasound yields high accuracy rate in detecting pediatric appendicitis
NIH awards $5M for infant genome mapping: The research projects cover technical, clinical and ethical questions surrounding infant DNA sequencing.
Paving the way for improved emergency care for children
Webinar - Co-Management and Transitions for Patients with Genetic Conditions
New initiatives from the National Center for Medical Home Implementation

01/11/2014 " Reduced WBC cutoff for childhood appendicitis yields promising outcomes - The WBC threshold of 8,000 per µL had a sensitivity rate of 95% and the 9,000 per µL cutoff had a sensitivity rate of 92%." AAP SmartBrief

"Commonly prescribed antidepressants for youths have same suicide risk"

01/05/2014- From the AAP Presidents AAP News Jan., 2014
James M. Perrin, M.D., FAAP (2014) - "Four areas affecting children: ACA implementation, early brain and child development; childhood chronic conditions including mental health disorders; poverty; medical home access."
Sandra G. Hassink,M.D., M.S., FAAP (2015)- AAP agenda for children: "The agenda consists of tackling poverty and child health, epigenetics, early brain and child development, and children and media. "

“Smoking in pregnancy, maternal urinary tract infection, being induced, and experiencing threatened preterm labor increase the risk of ADHD” Pediatrics 2014;133 e14-e22
“Residual Scarring From Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Fractionated CO 2  Laser as a Novel and Noninvasive Approach” Pediatrics 2014;133 e248-e251

"The AAP clinical reports and policy statements"
Pediatric Care Online offers free webinars on key topics

02/15/2014 "Oral immunotherapy shows promise in treating youths with peanut allergy"  AAP SmartBrief 02/

01/05/2014 "Metabolic, endocrine drugs among 500 products with new pediatric information" AAP News Jan., 2014

01/02/2014 FDA: limiting acetaminophen products to 325mg per single dosage. The acetaminophen-products contain an updated boxed warning for the risk of severe liver failure.

12/15/2013 "Narrow- and broad-spectrum antibiotics work equally well in pneumonia" AAP SmartBrief 12/10/13
"Early statin therapy linked to lower cardiovascular risk in familial hypercholesterolemia" AAP SmartBrief 12/11/13

12/04/2013 "New guide for antibiotic use for pediatric URIs" contemporarypediatrics

12/03/2013 ProAir now has a dose counter; Quillivant XR is the extended-release methylphenidate oral susp for ADHD treatment

AAP News & SmartBrief 01/2014 -02/14
“Food allergy affects 4% to 6% of children in the U.S.; CDC guidelines: food allergy prevention and management in schools"
"Updated guidelines advise on assessing fractures for child abuse"

01/20/2014 AAP SmartBrief
"FDA Clears Affymetrix’s CytoScan Dx Assay; the bloo d-based assay, designed to identify chromosomal changes that could be linked to intellectual disability or developmental delay in children”

01/11/14 Webinar -- Genetic Counseling in Primary Care

Revised screening tool with Follow-up (M-CHAT-R/F) enhances autism identification in toddlers Pediatrics 2014;133 37-45
Domestic Violence – Screening and Counseling Toolkit from the National Health Resource Center in collaboration with the AAP
Chromosomal microarray testing:for children with a suspected syndrome or chromosomal anomaly, development or autism spectrum disorder. "It is about 100 times more sensitive than a karyotype." Pediatric News 12/2013
"Report: Digital technology is among top health care focuses next year"drugstorenews

"AAP-endorsed guidelines discuss prevention, treatment of opportunistic infections in children with HIV" aapnews
"Checklist helps parents, physicians track services needed by children with Down syndrome";
" Accuracy of Brief Screening Tools for Identifying Postpartum Depression Among Adolescent Mothers" AAP SmartBrief 12/18/13

12/15/2013 CDC New Guidelines for Blood lead Measurements on Oct. 24, 2013 - Boold lead >= 5 mcg/dL is indicative of increased lead exposure Lead Screen

12/07/2013"Infant & children born to HCV-infected moms need to be tested, followed up" AAP News 12/2013 HCV Infection
"ACIP recommends meningococcal vaccine for high-risk infants" Inf Dis in Children 11/2013

"Epidemiology of Bacteremia in Febrile Infants in the United States- Bacteremia occurs in 2.2% of febrile infants who have a blood culture drawn. The most common pathogens were Escherichia coli (42%), group B Streptococcus (23%), and Streptococcus pneumoniae (6%)." Pediatrics 2013; 132:990-996
A longitudinal cohort was conducted from 2004 to 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Cincinnati, and New York City. The median age at onset of breast Tanner stage 2: 8.8 (African American), 9.3 (Hispanic), 9.7 (White non Hispanic), and 9.7 years (Asian). Pediatrics 2013; 132:1019-27

"Flu vaccine linked to lower cardiovascular risk-The rate of major adverse cardiovascular events duting the year following vaccination was 2.9, significantly lower than the 4.7% rate among unvaccinated controls." Nov.15,2013 (p17)
"One in six febrile neonates affected by UTI" Inf Dis in Children 11/2013
"Bronchiolitis Management Before and After the AAP Guidelines"
"Ultrasound Comparable to CT for Pediatric Appendicitis" AAP SmartBrief 12/03/2013
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