Dose Your Child Snore?
Dose Your Child Snore?
Research Volunteers Needed
Contact Richa at 773-834-4018
Nutrition/Life Style
Academic Potential
Mental Health
The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital
  As part of this research we offer:  
An Over Night Sleep Study
Neurocognitive Testing

$100 Compensation
  Your child can participate if he or she is:  
  Frequently snoring
5 to 8 years of age
Did not have his/her tonsils surgically removed
Is not enrolled in an individualized educational program

  Research study includes:  
  An over night sleep study at the University of Chicago Center,
(Child will be accompanied by parent/legal guardian).
Next morning 4 hour neurocognitive testing.
Questionnaires filled by parent.
One time urine and blood sample collection.
Your child will be asked to wear a sensitive watch on his/her
wrist for one week.
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