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The medical home has been proposed as a model for twenty-first century primary care. It aims to address family-centered needs through care coordination in the community and engages families in making informed decisions based on effective health education. Although online health education sources abound, not enough emphasis is placed on how to engage children and families, and how to reach out to communities in diverse regions.

In China and other developing countries, there are no routine preventive well check-ups for children after they reach late infancy or toddler age. The unhealthy diet and lifestyle choice with increased prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases has raised major public health issues. There are urgent needs to develop public health strategies that address family-centered preventive care through care coordination in the communities in urban and rural areas in China and other developing countries.

Our goal is to develop strategies to implement AAP guidelines in pediatric medical homes and engage physicians, children, and families using academic medical home approved, provider-vetted education websites and to use this framework with collaborators in China and other developing countries.

  Mission Provide reliable online health and educational information for children and their families. Advocate early intervention, advocate parent children interaction. Help children with physical and mental difficulties to develop a strong spirit and mind. Help all children
  • develop their talents;
  • build up self confidence;
  • gain passion to help others;
  • grow up physically and mentally healthy and successfully;
  • reach their maximum potential to face future challenges in the world.
Initiated well-checkup-questionnaires for children from newborn to teen for implementing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) practice guidelines to enhance the quality of preventive care and promote early intervention.
02/2006 Initiated health education website for implementing AAP guidelines and connect children and their families to primary practice .
Initiated home page on 02/05/2006
Change format of home page funandeducation.org on 12/15/2007
The website has been listed as the top websit when searching key words "fun and education" in Google since 2008
12/18/2008 Published a book for toddlers in China 当当图书
2009 & 2011
Conducted two surveys that determined parents’ preferred sources (child's physician, online resources, other healthcare professionals, and child's school) for health information and elicited parental concerns about preferred health topics.
Initiated academic medical home based education websites comerparents.org in USA and 8mabaobao.com in China providing link portals to AAP and other reliable websites and emphasizing preventive care and early intervention in an effort to improve continuity care and community outreach.
2012 -2013 Updated the websites based on the families' and community primary physicians' feedback.

Pediatric primary physicians, pediatric specialists, nurses, teachers, medical students, graduate students, elementary, middle and high school students, parents, and grandparents in the United States and China.
  Funding There is no outside funding obtained.
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